Upcoming Review – Achort 600 Lumens 2 LED XPE Headlight

I currently have two headlights mounted left and right on the fender/mud guard brackets. These both run on large rechargeable batteries strapped to the underside of the front boom. I want a third light that doesn’t run from those batteries as a backup in case the main lights run out and as an extra light when needed. The remit is it should have it’s own internal rechargeable battery, be bright, compact, have a durable case and externally be smaller than 80mm in width as it will mount on the ICE light mount that came with my QNT. After too much reading I’ve decided to go with the Achort 600 Lumens, 2 LED XPE. I’ll post a detailed review once it’s arrived, mounted and tested.

Achort Waterproof LED USB Bike Front Light:
✔600 Lumens, 1200mAh Battery
✔5 Light Modes: weak-medium-strong-flashing-SOS
✔Mini Sized:1.96 x 1.53 x 1.22 in, Lightweight 113g.
✔Double XPE LED Beads
✔USB Rechargeable
✔4 Colors Power Indicator
✔360 Degree Rotation Buckle
✔IPX6 Waterproof
✔Running time 3 hours

1. Sources: 2 XPE LED beads, 600 lumens
2. Lighting modes: 5 light modes,weak -medium -strong -flashing-SOS
3. Battery: Built-in Lithium polymer 1200mAh
4. Charge: USB Rechargeable
5. Voltage: 3.0-4.5V
6. Current: 0.25A-0.5A-1.0A
7. Running time: 1-3 hours
8. Charge time: 3-4 hours
9. Battery Display:
Green -Blue-Red- Red Blinking
Green Light: Power > 80%
Blue Light: Power >60%
Red Light: Power >20%
Red Blinking: Power <10%
10. Charging Indicator: Red-Blue-Green Full Charge
11. Fixed buckle: 360 degree rotation, fix for about Dia. 1.8-3.5cm round handlebar.
12. Material: Aluminum alloy
13. Size: 1.96×1.53x.22 in
14. Weight: 113g

Package List:
Bike Headlight X1
Mount buckle X1
USB Cable X1

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