Triking With Camera Gear

I’m a photographer and like to have some decent equipment with me for the many photo opportunities that will arise during every ride. So I had to have a think about what I was prepared to lug with me and what I wasn’t. I decided a full DSLR system, even a micro system, would be too cumbersome. I wanted to stay nimble and light but still be able to get some quality shots. My compromise has been a FujiFilm X10 and a small Gitzo travel tripod. The X10, X20 or the later X30 all produce excellent images, have a reasonable (though not long) zoom lens and are light and compact.
The Gitzo G1098 basalt tripod is small and light but offers good support on the fly and takes up very little space. I have mine strapped to the frame behind the seat, protected in a padded bag I bought off eBay for the princely sum of £1 and 4 pence! The 1098 is long discontinued but Gitzo make similar tripods or you can look for a used one. For the tripod head I use a Really Right Stuff BH-30 which is small and light (and stupidly expensive) but will lock a heavy DSLR with 500mm lens in place with ease. It’s overkill but I already have it so I use it. There are plenty of much cheaper heads out there, though, that will do the same job on a smallish camera like the X10. The Fuji also does a great job of video footage, which is handy. However, it’s not really something you’d strap to the front of the trike for action footage so I’ll be looking at mounting a GoPro up there soon. Could a GoPro suffice for both video and your standard still shots? For most I’d guess it probably could and I’ll be giving that theory a test in the coming weeks.

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    1. Hi Marc. I like the look of those tripods. I used to use a Sachtler with a very similar construction to those!! I had an X30 for while, sold it, decided to go back to it and was offered an X10 by a friend so went for that. All the baby Xs are great little cameras. Thanks for posting!

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