TongSheng TSDZ2 Dual Chain Ring Install

OK, the dual chain ring install was relatively painless. What surprised me was the package that arrived from China simply contained two loose chain rings. No spacers or other hardware so not really what I would call a Dual Ring. Frankly, had I known, I’d probably just have purchased a single 52T ring over here and added it to the existing one. As it is, that’s exactly what I did with this package. There didn’t seem any point in removing the existing 42T ring to replace it with yet another so I just added the 52T ring to it. It’s simply a matter of removing the crank arms and outer plate (ring guard) and slotting the new ring into place and the plate back over the top. 15 minute job tops if you’re handy.

The front derailleur seems to be a no go, which is slightly disappointing but not a big deal. I fiddled for a while but couldn’t really see how it was going work, in part due to the much greater height of the 52T ring. In the end I decided to fiddle no more and simply cracked open the chain and removed it. I’ve not yet had chance to test the large ring but don’t envisage any major problems assuming the chain won’t need lengthening slightly to accommodate it. I’ll report back on that one.

Above I’ve posted a few pics I took along the way and a video I shot quickly afterwards. Together they should give you a good idea of how to install everything smoothly.


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  1. If you look at the original TSDZ2 42 tooth chain ring, it is off set towards the center of frame. The 42 tooth one you received from the merchant is not (straight up/down). Remove the stock 42 tooth and replace with the chainrings you received and your front derailer will work. The spacing between the 2 chainrings needs to be within 5mm.

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