This Week’s Ride – 61 Miles Around The Isle Of Wight – Elevation – I hate To Think!

With the family heading off to visit the outlaws on the mainland I have a couple of days to myself this Easter break. I’m planning one long ride on the trike and a couple of day rides on my Harley 1200 Sportster. The weather is looking good which makes a change from the constant drizzle and showers we’ve had lately and with the round the island charity ride coming up soon I think it’s time to see if I can actually do it! I plan to live stream on the day from various points and hopefully highlight some of the beauty spots on the island. I’ll also be testing out new video gear, which I’ll undoubtedly make a mess of but hopefully only once! Have a great week everyone and ride safe!

2 thoughts on “This Week’s Ride – 61 Miles Around The Isle Of Wight – Elevation – I hate To Think!

  1. Will that be round trip to home in the one day Duncan? If you plan on doing videos & photos along the way I am thinking it might be better to stay overnight so you can be more relaxed. I did a 100 km day with full camping gear that I Off Loaded after about 30 kms on the return trip & it was almost down hill for a good portion of the way home. It was still pretty exhausting but I didn’t have the Power Assist then. Looking forward to your videos.

    1. Morning Glen! This will be a round trip in a single day. I typically manage around 40 miles with not too much problem so am hoping the extra 50% will be fine, though undoubtedly it will be a tough ride. I’m doing it again on June 2nd for a charity ride in aid of Aspire, Ryde so I need to just see how it will go as I’m leading that ride. 🙂

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