RELIVE Video App

This app looks brilliant and was recommended to me by Pierre Julien on the eTrike FaceBook Group. It basically takes a recorded ride (you can have it record directly via certain hardware or give it access to your Strava), makes a geographic route on a Google Earth type map, finds and correctly inserts any pics you took along the way, inserts your ride stats and spits out a fun video for you at the end. Below is an example of such a video. I did not manually have any input here (I just clicked “next” when prompted) but you can choose which photos to insert and where. I’m going to be using this more often as I really like what it does and it’s quick and easy to use. There is a free membership (which I’m currently using) and a paid version. At this point I have no idea what you get or what it costs but I’ll look into it later. I’m thinking it may give you access to HD quality video as the current video seemed to max out at 480p. Worth a look at, regardless.

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