Powerful (6000 Lumen) & Reasonably Priced Headlights

Several people have asked me about the headlights I have on my trike. They are actually very reasonably priced Chinese cree tech lights that I find are well made and work well and at 6000 Lumens they’re bright! They have 3 settings (high, dipped and flashing) and all settings light up the road in front of you. These are, however, powerful enough to blind oncoming traffic so be sure to angle them down when these are on. £20 a piece and probably as good as several models from brands that charge £200-300. The batteries are easily found so easily replaced and frankly, if a light goes at £20 it’s not the end of the world. Mine are 4 years old now though. As a bonus you also get a free LED rear light, too. Above I’ve attached a pic of the brackets I made to mount the lights. They’re simple aluminium tube with a bolt running though the middle, made from old scraps in my workshop.

Link to a random ad for these lights on eBay

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