NEW – eTrike Live Events Calendar Shows All Trike Events Worldwide

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a while. At the moment we have in excess of 15 different trike related Facebook groups and several more online forums. Unless you’re a member of them all then you’ll only see a fraction of the events posted. To better serve the trike community I’ve spent hours constructing a detailed calendar that shows every upcoming event listed from every FaceBook group and forum I know of. I will endeavour to keep this calendar up to date and constant but I’m going to need the help of group members and admins/mods alike. If you post an event, please message me either through Facebook or and give me the URL to the event you’ve posted. I’ll then put it in the events calendar. Events should be either trike or bike related but there is no other restriction. This way there is a single page where everyone can easily view and find events they may be interested to attend. In the event description I have placed a link to each respective Facebook event page so not only will this help everyone to locate events, it should also guide people to the Facebook groups that may be of interest to them, so a win, win all round. I hope this helps to bring trikers, e-trikers, recumbents, velos and bike riders together for the united good of the cycling and human powered vehicle community. The events calendar can be accessed anytime via the Events tab at the top of the site.

And if you’re getting old and senile like me, do remember to bookmark the page! 🙂

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