New Arrival – Fitbit Ionic

Decided a while back it was time for me to monitor my basic medical stats and fitness and after a lot of researching and ‘umming and a ‘ahhhing I decided to go for a Fitbit Ionic, which I received yesterday. I tend to always have my phone with me on rides (and anywhere else for that matter) so the Apple Watch didn’t make a whole lot of sense for me but the Ionic had all the fitness bits I was looking for as well as Strava and a calendar app. That was exactly what I needed and the Ionic is several times better looking, too, in my humble opinion, so job done. It will also be handy letting the watch track my Strava routes and not drain my phone battery as I don’t need a visual read out of all my bodily functions whilst riding the trike.
I’ll report back periodically on how the Ionic works out, especially with ref to triking but so far so good. It seems fast and responsive and on the steel bracelet it looks the part, too! It connected instantly to my home wifi network, my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 8+. Charging to full took about 2 hours and it’s supposed to last nearly a week on a charge with normal use. I also picked up a little charging stand which will double as my bedside stand as I don’t find the need to know how long I slept for; I normally know that by whether or not I want to get up in the morning! There are 3 pics above that I took this morning showing the Strava app and the stand.

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