Mounting The GoPro

Have spent some time today trying to figure out the best place to mount the GoPro cam. It took some thought as the obvious place is right at the front of the boom where I have a light mount fitted courtesy of the previous owner. The problem there is the noise from the motor. I’ve watched a few videos via cameras positioned there and the whir of the pedals and dull hum of the motor are all that can be heard apart from some wind to really make it intolerable. So the front boom is a no-go.. From there you really don’t have many viable mounting points.

My solution has been to order a second “accessory mount” from ICE which I’ll attach to the top of the right handle, exactly as I’ve done on the left. I’ll then use this 2in1 Action Camera Bike Mount (£17 from Amazon) to mount the GoPro there. I know I’m still going to get plenty of vibration there but I’m hoping the anti-vibration of the camera will help to smooth things out some and that position of the mount could make for an interesting perspective. We’ll suck it and see and report back with results once it’s installed, which I hope will be tomorrow if Royal Mail bless me with their presence.

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