Click on the images below to bring up a full-size slideshow. These are images contributed by eTrike members showing their trike builds and rides. The copyright to the images below are retained by the contributors.

Pierre Julien

All images are Copyright of Pierre Julien

Pam Laxton

All images are Copyright of Pam Laxton
Us with our trikes plus cockpit views. I ride a Greenspeed GT 20 with Bafang 250w motor and James has a Ice Adventure HD FS with 250 w Bafang. Both have the Veltop Sun canopy of which the front is able to be unclipped and put into the rear part of the canopy bag , bar the poles which we can cable tie somewhere if it gets too windy. Both trikes have the big apple tyres on but mine are wider.

David Brandenberger

All images are Copyright of David Brandenberger

I drive an AZUB T-Tris since 2015 through 18 countries and 33’000km so far. For charging the battery I use solar panels, which are mounted on my trailer, where I have all my luggage underneath. I am currently in Melbourne, Australia.

Willard Chaffin

All images are Copyright of Willard Chaffin

Here are a couple more pics of my Trident trike. It has been highly modified one pic shows no electrics. Tires have all been up graded on diameter size. Plus the leap long tail freight bike extension. I get about 80 miles on fairly level riding from a charge and about half that pulling hills.

Ed Deaton

All images are Copyright of Ed Deaton

E-assist Fire Red Catrike Trail. Dapu 360v geared hub motor pedelec, w/torque sensor crank, 13 ah Lion battery, controller, display, throttle, cut-out brake levers. We’ve also added e-assist to a Villager. Soon, another Villager, and 559.

Jeanne Clayton

All images are Copyright of Jeanne Clayton

I had a Falco e-bike system installed on my Catrike 559 in October. I purchased the 559 as my first trike a year before that.

John Price

All images are Copyright of John Price

A few pics of my folder trike, just a home built bit of rubbish that has traveled lots of miles.

Julian White

All images are Copyright of Julian White

For those of you that are unaware I too have just converted my New 2019 KMX Kobra with a Bafang bbs01 250watt uk legal mid drive system.

Kay Schieren

All images are Copyright of Kay Schieren

I’ve got an ancient Greenspeed with a 350W Bafang and a NuVinci 360. Carry 3×20 A/H 36v batteries mounted between my knees and two under the seat with a 100w solar panel over my head which gives me an extra 30 km on a sunny day via a $15 Buck Voltage Booster. Total range about 200km a day. This wonderful trike frame has done well over 20.000 km, has gone through two hubs before the Nuvinci, although I still use the Sachs Pentasport it came with on a folding Dahon bike. I has worn out a Shimano Nexus 8speed. I do a lot of 300km runs on hilly country roads with a big load. Have gone from East Gippsland to Melbourne a few times last year and the trike has been a dream.

Mark Timms

All images are Copyright of Mark Timms

Hi, and thanks for allowing me to be apart of this group. I’d like to introduce you to Charity, she is my own creation… fat e-trike that I built nearly four years ago. I plan on building more. I travel around 110 mile on this trike every week as I commute to and from work.

Shaun Briggs

All images are Copyright of Shaun Briggs

I have my own custom built cargo trike with a 1500w hub motor running as a mid drive. A 52v 20ah battery, hydraulic disk brakes and a 7 speed rear cassette. The new solar panel set up, 200 watts and fully adjustable to the left and right so I can track the sun better. My trailer behind the trike is also 200 watts. I am getting ready to go on another tour soon.