iPhone Mount – Quad Lock Wins..

I’ve been using this strong magnet mount for my phone now for some time with good results. A small piece of metal attaches with double sided tape to the back of the phone and the mount itself swivels and rotates 360 degrees. It’s been brilliant up until today.. Firstly I managed to kick it and of course the iPhone went for a fly. Then coming down into Seaview the road conditions took a serious turn for the worse with bumps and pot holes everywhere and I was notching up a reasonable speed when I hit a couple of them, resulting in more flying lessons for the phone.. As such I’ve been forced to admit a little naivety with regards the phone mount and will add a Quad Lock to the mount to firmly secure the phone to it. I still want to use the swivel mount as it’s very handy when the sun is high as the phone can be moved to virtually any position at will so combining the two should do the job perfectly. It will be more cumbersome to mount and dismount but if it saves my iPhone 8+ from any more aviation lessons then it will be worth it. Lesson learnt!

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