Insuring A Trike – John Lewis Home Insurance – UPDATE

As promised, here is the update to this post. John Lewis were not the easiest to deal with when adding the trike to the home insurance but it has finally been done. Having initially called them before Easter, the agent promised to get back to me the following week after speaking with the underwriter to get authorisation to list the trike on the policy at an agreed new replaceable value of £5,000. No-one called the following week so at the end of it I called again, only to be told that the agent handling the case would be in on Saturday and would call me. She didn’t.. So today (Monday) I called again and another agent took over and began to add the trike to the policy. We got cut off towards the end of the conversation and instead of her calling me back she went on a break.. great.. So I called back again and sat in yet another queue before finally getting hold of someone else who duly added the trike to the policy. He couldn’t quite seem to make up his mind how much the trike was going to add to the yearly premium but eventually it was quoted as circa £155 a year on top of our current premium, so about £13 a month. I’ve accepted that and the trike is now on the policy.

So in conclusion, with John Lewis Home Insurance, at least, it is possible to add your trike directly to your existing home insurance policy but expect it to take a week or two for it to be authorised by the underwriter and added by whichever agent finally gets round to adding it. Chasing the agents up yourself appears to be the order of the day..

4 thoughts on “Insuring A Trike – John Lewis Home Insurance – UPDATE

    1. Glen, yup.. That said, my last claim for a damaged MacBook went fairly painlessly which is why I’m sticking with these guys.

  1. I’m in the United States and my Triot trike, valued at $6,000 US (£4,639, €5,367), is insured through State Farm insurance company for about about $130 US (£130, €116) annually. The policy covers the trike for every scenario imaginable, except manufacturer’s defect (and that’s covered by the manufacturer/dealer). I can literally run over it with a truck, chop it up, set it on fire, and post a video of the entire act online and it’s still covered. Of course, the agent said they probably wouldn’t insure the next trike if I destroy it intentionally. LOL! I have a similar policy on my computer equipment and had to file a claim several years ago after a storm caused a voltage surge. They replaced everything and all I had to do was drop off the damaged equipment at my agent’s office. Nice. 😊

    1. Hi Ken. Yes, this policy pretty much works the same way. I also had to claim for a new MacBook after a child spilt liquid over the keyboard of my last one. 🙂

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