GoPro Hero5 Footage – Come For A Ride Round East Cowes!

I’m actually very pleased with this setup! It’s exceeded my expectations and then some. The image stabilization of the GoPro Hero5 has done a brilliant done! The surface of the roads in this video are horrendous and in places it’s much like being on paths through the woods. The mount I use (pictured above) is very stable but there’s a very small amount of movement in the horizontal axis. Maybe that’s a good thing, I’m not sure but it doesn’t seem to have proved a problem. What I was looking for was simply a reasonably stable mount that would allow me to produce reasonably sharp and watchable footage and I think the Hero5 has delivered that well. I have a harness that I purchased in anticipation of this setup being a disaster but I don’t think I’ll need it now! Well chuffed!

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