Joe’s DIY Mod That Adds “Reverse” To Your Trike Motor Via A Switch

eTrike FaceBook Group member Joe Duerr kindly gave me permission to post this in the hope it would help other members who might like to install a “reverse gear switch” on their trike. The mod will literally place a switch that will cause your motor to reverse and your trike to do likewise. This mod will require some tools and some understanding of electrical installations but if you’re not practically inclined and can get your trike across to Joe, then shoot him a message and for around $100 US he’ll do the mod for you.

Joe’s exact instructions are below, copied and pasted from the message he sent me via FaceBook.

Please keep in mind that I have not performed this mod myself, nor even looked at it closely yet. Any such mod you do at your own risk and eTrike will not take any responsibility should such a modification posted here damage your trike, it’s motor or yourself. If in doubt, consult Joe or an electrical expert.

First you need a 4PDT switch. That is (4 positions/poles) (double throw on/off/on). The switch will have 12 poles on the bottom 3 rows of 4 (like the photo). The wires going from the controller to the wheel contain 8 wires. 3 heavier gauge blue/green/yellow 5 lighter gauge blue/green/yellow/red/black You will have to cut into the cable near where you want to place the switch. You cut the yellow and the blue heavy wires and the yellow and green light wires. You hook them up to the switch as shown in the photo. The wires that go to the wheel go in the center row of the switch. The wires going to the controller on either side of the switch. Then you add 4 wires connecting one side of the switch to the other side like the photo. Mount the switch and tape or shrink tube everything. In one position your motor will go in one direction and the other position reverse. In the center position nothing. It should be noted that this ONLY reverses the motor, so if your motor is in the wheel your bike will reverse. If your motor connects to your chain your chain will reverse.

Please note: there are two threads on the eTrike Facebook Group that address this mod. I’d recommend reading them before performing the mod as there are differing views from various members. Those threads can be located here and here.

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    1. There’s a lot of debate on the eTrike Facebook group as to which motors this will work with, Jerry. Check the FB links I posted above.

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